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 talked to him about what control he did have. Although he could not control the outcome of the decision, what he could control was how he thought, felt, and behaved. The more he tried to control the result of the change, the more upset and depressed he would become. Instead, if he managed what he could, his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, he would regain control and work his way back.
I then asked him to talk to me about what he could do to fill this void in his life. What could he do to restore his hopes and dreams? In a disgusted voice, he told me that he could get this new director fired due to him being incompetent and not knowing anything about the position. I asked him if this was realistic? He said it wasn’t. So, instead, I kept asking him what he could do that was realistic. He then began to give me some great options.
Now that I had some realistic options, I finally asked him to create a plan to implement these options. As he began talking about the steps, he could take his whole demeanor changed. He became optimistic and even a bit excited. His energy shifted from negative to positive.
The outcome of the session was a plan that he committed to work. Instead of feeling helpless and in a state of despair, he felt energized and alive. He filled his void with new hopes and dreams. My role as his coach was now to support him and help be accountable for working his plan.
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