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  level and the realm of life. To my point, life coaches are spiritual guides in human form, sent here to assist those who are ready to break free from 3D, break free from the programming of the matrix, and truly "see" what life is and discover their divine purpose in this world.
So when you're tired of doing the same routine, day in and day out and when you're tired of feeling stagnant in your vibration, knowing deep in your soul that you are meant to experience so much more, be brave, get courageous and start to seek out your life coach! The journey is filled with twists and turns, unraveling what we were programmed to believe and we were manufactured to be your guides; to have gone through the very same struggles that you have endured; to have been in the "grey zone" where life began to look like a recycled commercial. But most of all, life coaches have been where you are, where you know in your Spirit that you are destined and capable of achieving so much more with the moments you have been given.
With each session, your perception and perspective on life will be stretched, tested, and questioned. You will be given the tools, resources, and support needed to begin to gain access to the metaphysical world. And what you'll find is that there are no prerequisites required! Much of what your life coach imparts to you have been waiting to be unlocked inside of you this entire time! And all you needed was to jump, to take the first step, just like Neo. We are here. We are ready! And so are you!
Start Your New Beginning Today, Love and Light!
Ms. Pamela Kaye M.Ed

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