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 annoying you, or a type of seating that may cause long term damage. Lastly, doing and following up on the results of the exercise, can assist one's ability to recall information easier as the mind has a chance, during the exercise to clear away information it has been focused on while ignoring the body's needs.
Step Two: What's up?
Never judge yourself too harshly, humans by nature are creatures of habit. This is something that can be used to our advantage. As habits form and we justify their existence in our life and at times cut ourselves short doing so, we can also thereby, follow through and see the patterns we form in our judgment of situations and people, our motivators to action also become more explicit. Awareness aims to nip such habits in the bud where possible and know the warning signs of potential problem situations and people.
When the mind is overworked and unable to deal with a problem in a way that you can say "I acted correctly", it is usually because of sensory overload that pushes us into a panicked decision.
By firstly centering oneself as above, it is next the time to put the pre-programmed, conditioned mind to a temporary rest. By doing this, we allow what the actual problem or underlying cause that is overwhelming our mind and blocking our full ability to manage with life to present itself is. Take a deep breath and without thinking even for a moment, blurt out the very first thing that comes to mind. Ask yourself the following:
What do I like to do?
What do I want right now?
What do I need right, oww?
The same exercise can be done again with the conscious, logical mind answering after some thought, and if this is done correctly, the answers will probably be surprisingly different from what is at the tip of our tongue, in the primal part of the mind that will speak out that which is what is truly needed. By allowing our minds to become aware of what it truly needs and communicate this clearly to us, we lay a strong foundation of being grounded and can prioritize action to keep the mind and emotional self in a state of wellness that can handle the challenge.
Step Three: A bite at a time
No matter whether your change is weight management, to become stronger financially or emotionally, or to be prepared but relaxed and happy for whatever life brings, remember kaizen. This is a Japanese technique wherein
tasks for just a minute at a time and then gradually increasing the length of time over intervals to reach your goal. If thirty minutes of study is too complicated and you have been postponing this task for the last week, why not try one minute of research today and increase this time length by thirty seconds daily? It doesn't have the daunting overwhelming feeling attached to the task anymore.
By owning, adapting, and making these principles a habit in your life, they become a part of your thought pattern. While life may throw an occasional curveball, for most of life's challenges, these techniques make the mind a well-oiled machine ready for a change in a cool, calm, and collected way. You may find yourself gathering yourself and thinking clearer faster.
Setting goals are part of the actively decided change process. The setting, achieving, and celebrating personal and business purposes reduce the amount of stress and pain caused when life seemingly pushes you out of your present comfort zone as others make their dreams a reality and impact the environment you exist in. In this manner, change becomes inevitable; if you ever feel you are stuck, unhappy with where you are or want better, start a process of change by setting goals and making use of the service of a life coach, such as me. By doing this, you rather than somewhat unexpected circumstance or environmental change can decide the change process and the level of challenge you wish for.
Lastly, remember that you are powerful enough to do whatever you wish and have the power to control your life and your reaction or action toward change in any direction imaginable. My motto as a life coach is Ambition is the first step towards success. All Ambition starts with initiative. Be aware of your power and ability to change and create your life consciously rather than by chance or through decision making resulting only from circumstances. Once you are aware, the steps on how to use this powerful ability accurately and take account of your life are up to the life coaching process.
Kearan is a certified personal life coach and business coach and is also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. His passion for moving people forward and upwards formally started with his degree in Clinical Psychology as well as Organizational Development. Feel free to reach out to Life Coaching today and join Kearan; you too can be a part of and know why self-empowerment through life coaching has become a global phenom

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