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Many may feel a twinge of anxiety at the thought of change, with all the related decision-making stress and worry about the" what-ifs." We are, after all, programmed to self- critique and play out events in our minds, sometimes too repetitively to be emotionally healthy. As we ponder the possible outcomes of our decisions, it is normal for the stress to cloud one's judgment, leading to a panicked and less than an ideal choice when we are challenged with a sudden turn of events. Others who aren't at that stage can most certainly recall such events from memory and relate to the emotional rollercoaster that change presents as 21st-century life moves us along with both having to deal with personal and business change while simultaneously coping or dealing with day to day life.
This article will arm you with a means to maintain a state of well-being and peace, an essential element for logical well- considered decisions, as change is the only constant in the 21st century, let me help you take the sting out of change. Let's learn to dance, instead of wrestle with change instead.
Step One: Gathering and Mindfulness; right where you are now!
Right now, wherever you are, stop and take a moment to allow your attention to wander inside your body. Without overthinking, allow your attention to pass through your different body parts, noticing tension, aches, or the need to shift position, hunger, thirst, or perhaps the need to use the restroom. Take as
long as you need before you continue.
In these moments you have spent in self-awareness, were there any signals that the body sent to the mind that you were not attentive to? If we try to place the sources of this habit of ignoring our body's needs, we may notice that each of the things we became aware of tells a little about our personal history and life story as though the body is a diary of our habits and lifestyle.
Engrossed in sensory stimuli, life conditions us to pay more attention externally rather than internally; hence, the repetition of this exercise (which may soon take only a few seconds) before you fall asleep or when you take a break or have a meal will bring about a sense of balance. Balance is not a luxury; it is a power, an ability to remain centered during more demanding or turbulent times. As the habit of ignoring messages has formed a habit, so too can the above exercise add back into your lifestyle, what has been taken out, and bring about a sense of mindfulness. The benefits of this exercise are greater health stemming from an awareness of what your body is asking for,
"The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm."
2 6 knowing the stimuli such as noise or chatter that may be

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