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 coaching. Years later, attending life coaching classes for certification, these memories brought a smile to my face. Though my journey is far from over, as a partner in the learning process, I hope that you, too, can experience these bits of joy in years to come, when looking back on yourself today.
I hope that by me sharing these moments with you, you, too, gain inspiration, learn how to role-play an appropriate character to find the perspective needed to achieve your goal. Write out your plans, doodle.. do whatever you need to get your expression and your creative juices flowing. Write it out and lastly, evaluate your written plan, and get an external perspective. Having a vision of what you want or at least don't want in your life is one of the most important steps to being a successful achiever in the life coaching process. Do not let you stop you.
Kearan is a certified personal life coach and business coach and is also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. His passion for moving people forward and upwards formally started with his degree in Clinical Psychology as well as Organizational Development. Feel free to reach out to Life Coaching today and join Kearan; you too can be a part of and know why self-empowerment through life coaching has become a global phenomenon.

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