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 expression pathways. After doodling a bit, I write my thoughts, plans, hopes, and dreams; however wild they are, without judgment on whatever scrap of paper is available to me at that time and then collected it. This means I can never say that I couldn't write as my book was elsewhere.
Forgetful of any rules of grammar, punctuation, and neatness, I scribble, draw and create or welcome in new ideas in a colossal mess on paper, a mess that I have learned to fall in love with. I have learned to enjoy expressing myself and by doing so have given myself the most significant reward ever to myself; I can date and look back and change my plans- I can celebrate baby steps, significant milestones, and my successes while holding myself accountable and put dates to my past and future goals.
Make friends with the fact that plans and goals are your creations and painting on the canvas of life, a creation that you can bring to fruition, raise, develop, and enjoy living in. I know that I can achieve anything now, without discomfort- at least not at the level of discomfort that would make me run away. The shyness and creative blocks have long since disappeared since I picked up that pen the first time, in of all places an investment bank with me formally dressed, surrounded by contracts and on the serving end of the desk, wondering why I had stayed so long: A familiar thought by that stage in my life.
Little did I realize that my perfectly-formed intentions and images of the future I wished for had so much more to work on that I had overlooked. My personal beliefs, my actions, and my desired goals were not in alignment with each other; I was more the trapped artist than the free soul living and doing what I wanted and when I wanted.
As I confided in my then mentor, that I had decided to change perspective from the trapped artist into the captain of a pirate ship, with my boat as my life (cliché much), I remembered feeling great as I anticipated being congratulated on my new awareness of my mind and life patters.
I was checked immediately with a piercing gaze and questioning voice: Who was I running from? Why am I a pirate? After all, a storybook pirate by nature has to flee and fight. My mentor had brought my sub-conscience tendency of over-zealous thinking to light. My make-believe character showed who I was at the time and who I was planning on becoming out of old patterns; again, out of alignment with my current situation. My current location was a star member of the team; the problem was my lack of fulfillment as I had already achieved and overachieved in a job that had started with a childhood dream of working in the finance industry. A more apt character was needed. So I created the role of one who would travel, help others, learn, and teach. I didn't have a name for the character at that time. These lessons from this mentor, came from days long before life coaching had become a thing. I had no idea that the semi teacher-student, semi parent-child level my mentor had engaged me in, had, in fact, most of the techniques of life

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