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 "If you ever want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans for the future."
As I sat there, I remembered how often we had gone through the same ritual in which we had shared our ideas and personal perspectives of ours and others' lives; always as great friends, we listened attentively first. What I believe our difference was, however, was the game of role play we played with our plans, named What would X do? We sought inspiration from someone we admired; it could be a celebrity, a legendary figure, or the like, who would be adept at fulfilling and succeeding fabulously at dealing with the situation or achieving the task at hand. What started as a joke game between us, soon became a gem in finding new ways to shift perspective to solve a problem or achieve something. It was not fated laughing at our plans, but a different perspective needed to see our blindspots.
Dreams and bucket lists, without timelines, were made by us, then forgotten, then reminded to each other and haltingly somehow these were achieved. Overall it was fun, but surely there had to be more to it.. and a more natural way! It was just too painful and uncomfortable to slog away at making one's life better while fighting distractions and exhaustion. Looking back at those times and comparing our story to that of my Life Coaching clients today, I’m reminded over and again of how many dreams, hope, try, and then become frustrated.
Luckily for me, no sooner had I wished that the process could be made in easier, that life in its strange way allowed me to befriend a highly successful older colleague-turned-mentor, who it seemed, avoided the public eye in proportion to the extent that his advice was much sought after. My mentor had gained international recognition and status in the finance industry, which I was a part of at the time and shared his diverse knowledge and insights (which I will share in future articles) that I had never known existed.
Between those office breaks, I learned and was pushed to implement a technique to bring those plans which previously existed only between friends or in my head to life: Get them out on paper ("birth them," he said). Plans which live in your head aren't subject to strict scrutiny, compared to something physically observable. We either kill our bright ideas with negative self-talk or keep our thoughts inside our heads for so long that we become comfortable with dwelling on them, rather than implementing them. These plans do not hold any evidence of changes or evaluation, nor do they allow for another's perspective if one doesn't have the luxury of a confidant that gets it when you speak.
While on the topic of writing down one’s plans, I would like to add that perhaps you, in a similar way to me, have long since lost any desire that I once had for traditional journaling. A set time frame and book of thoughts now resembles the homework of school days way too much for my carefree spirit. I have, however, developed the knack of doodling. This simple act of making random patterns on paper to represent and vent my mood or feelings at the time opens up creative

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