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By Life Coach Kearan Premdev
It is human nature to wish and have something to look forward to; after all, hope is said to spring eternal in the human heart. Labeled Hedonism; the human desire for seeking pleasure and avoiding pain is a part of us, a facet we should embrace and celebrate as a fundamental part of our social makeup. For it is this very sense that comes into play when we are faced with unpleasant situations. The feeling of discomfort as the pleasure of the familiar is ripped away from us, creates the desire for us to move out of our present condition into a better state. I value this discomfort, for it is what I call the “mindseed” that will change our path in life if heeded and start a new adventure for us.
There are, however, gaps or shortcomings of this very noble desire to change and being able to bring about the change.
Memories returned from one of many evenings when I sat amongst best friends on a lazy summer night overlooking the city skyline as we ate, sipped drinks and laughed, and joked and chatted the night away, sharing unfiltered joys and "lessons." Realization of the fact that such a massive gap existed between our dreams and any structured plan by people to achieve them dawned on me at that time. This was triggered by a joke a friend made "If you ever want to make God laugh, tell him your plans for the future."


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