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 What was life like growing up?
My earliest memories consisted of wanting connection (love) and the freedom to play and have fun by going where I wanted when I wanted, and with who I wanted.
On the other hand, there was this opposing field that felt like I was being put in a box. This box felt like a prison to me, and I fought for my freedom with anger. My journey into freedom began when I ran away from home at age 15, and the streets became my new home, and by the age of 27, I had become the king of the hill as I built a million-dollar drug business. I had it all, at least so I thought, success friends, love, money, and material things, and although this life was exciting with moments of happiness, there was an emptiness, a void that never got filled. I felt like I was still living in a box, a mental prison of various addictions. I appeared put together on the outside, but on the inside, I was falling apart and living in fear, putting up a front with a growing loneliness and sadness that I kept to myself. I wanted to find a way out, and I prayed sincerely for an exist, and it finally came. Not in the form I wanted, but it happened. I hit rock bottom when the FBI came knocking on my door, slapped handcuffs on me, and presented me with a federal indictment that I finally woke the heck up.
And it was there that I would fully wake up from the nightmare I had created. I began to see the world in a whole different way. I saw how I had been basing my life in fear disguised as love because in looking back now, I see it was love I

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